Hurricane season is well underway for the Atlantic and we have already seen a few systems, one of which that drenched areas of Florida and the South. We have been fortunate thus far that there haven’t been any major storms, but the season is still young. Today, there was a report on the Weather Channel’s website that there are two tropical disturbances in the ocean that meteorologists are going to be paying attention to. Just in case these storms, or any storms later in the year, turn serious we wanted to give a you a few safety reminders should you find yourself in line for landfall.

First and foremost: If a hurricane is heading your way, you should evacuate. Several people feel that riding out the storm is the best option, but not only does it put you at risk, but it also puts the lives of rescues workers at risk if they have to come and save you.

But if for some reason you find that you can not leave, please remember some of these following safety tips:

-Stay on the ground level floor of your home. Unlike a tornado, you do not want to head into the basement. Hurricanes bring with them a storm surge that can cause unexpected and sudden flooding. You don’t want to be trapped downstairs in a flood. You also don’t want to be on a second floor should there be roof damage from high winds. However, hurricanes can create tornadoes, so pay attention for weather alerts that you can take appropriate action if needed.

-Keep the following safety equipment with you: NOAA Weather Radio, High Visibility Safety Vest, First Aid Kits, and Flare Alert Beacons. A combination of these items will help you informed, safe, and easily located in case you should need rescue.

-Don’t be fooled by the Eye of the storm. Once the wind calms down, this may not be the end of the storm, it may only be the center. The Eye wall are the strong parts of the Hurricane, which means these are the greatest times you should take caution.

Make sure this Hurricane season to stay safe and always check your tropics reports before planning a trip to the beach.