Did you recently bring out your chain saw for that tree limb that crashed down on to your front lawn? Did you bring out cut resistant gloves or eye protection with that saw?

Using a saw, a hammer, or other type of tool always calls for the use of personal protection equipment. However when it comes to working around our homes, we tend not to be as diligent regarding safety. Do you find that true for yourself?

How often do you get the proper safety gear on before starting your do it yourself home project?

Here are three basic safety gear you may want on hand to help maintain safety when working at home.

Home Safety

Maintenance around the house can range from fixing a pipe to mowing the lawn.  In any case, its important to have safety gear on hand for use when doing those household jobs. Using Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) can help prevent unnecessary injuries.


Wearing a pair of gloves will help protect your hands from cuts or abrasions. Whether you are using lawn equipment or plumbing tools, a simple slip without gloves can cause mild to serious injuries.

A general purpose glove, leather or lightweight, can help keep your hands protected while providing comfort and easy hand movement. General purpose gloves can be used for most home projects.

When choosing a glove, it is important to find a glove with a comfortable fit, provides great protection, and breathable. Those three qualities will reduce the desire to remove gloves when working.

Face Masks

Chemical fumes from paints or varnishes, or dust and mold particles, are harmful to your respiratory system. 

Wearing a face mask can reduce your risk of inhaling toxins which can cause respiratory complications. You may think wearing a face mask is unnecessary when doing simple home projects. However, a basic 2-layer face mask can eliminate the possibility of dust particles from entering your lungs. Over time, inhalation of toxic fumes or dust particles can be detrimental to your health.

Hearing Protection

You may not think about it, but the noise of a running mower could possibly damage your inner ear.  The vibration and loud engine noise, overtime, can cause harm.  So using a simple ear plug can provide protection for you hearing.

Not only are infrequent loud noises detrimental to hearing, but also sounds lasting over a long period of time.

Wear and tear of nerves within the ear, from exposure to loud noises, or noises over a period of time, can damage the inner ear. Which is why having hearing protection is important.

Eye Protection

Finding the right safety glasses that provides you with eye protection, yet still comfortable to wear with a look of style can be challenging.

Safety eye wear has evolved over the years, providing a stylish appearance while still providing protection. Today's designs are so fashionable that you could wear safety glasses and no one would see them as manufactured designed special eye protection

The use of technology led to the discovery of scratch-resistance, anti-fog, and infra-red lighting and UV reduction lens for safety glasses. Designed with lightweight frames and high quality lens, manufacturers have brought a new look to safety glasses.

A simple pair of safety eye wear can help protect your eyes from the outdoor in the elements. The basic wrap around frame design, to the special designed patented wrap around frames, you will definitely get eye protection. Not only do the modern designs of safety glasses keep your eyes protected, they also come in a variety of trending styles.

Keep Safe

Overall, keep you and loved ones safe when it comes to those home improvement projects. Here at SafetyGear Online, we take safety seriously. Visit our online website for all your safety needs.