Hundreds if not thousands of workers are injured every year while working on road and construction sites. Wearing reflective safety gear is imperative to keeping workers safe and there is no substitution when it comes to ensuring your workers are seen and safe while on the job site.

This is especially true when working at night or in low-visibility conditions. Safety apparel is critical for safety and is mandatory by law for all individuals working or occupying work areas along roadways or in construction sites.

There are three different categories that the ANSI certified vests can come in. Class 1 is rated for low traffic areas like parking lot patrols or garage attendants, and class 3 being the highest rating available. Class 2 is a moderate vest that offers decent visibility while still being only slightly restrictive in terms of movement. Class 3 uses highly reflective material and is the one used by road crews at night and in poor visibility conditions. There are also some vests that use LED lights on the vest itself to help the wearer stand out even more in the dark.

You have many options out there when it comes to a safety vest you could choose for your workers, but chances are you have seen the ANSI Surveyor Vests. These are specially designed vests that have been certified by the American National Standards Institute to be acceptable for workplace safety.

This group is the leader in national sweaty standards and has been helping keep employees and the general public safe 1918. There are many different types and styles of ANSI surveyor vests available, and they range in use from everything from traffic vests to law enforcement vests to reflective safety gear vests.

It is important to find the right style vest, with the right rating, that is right for the work being done. Once all these points are addressed, you can rest assured that you have found the best vest for your needs and you have the reflective safety gear that will help keep you safe!