It should go without saying that your head and what’s inside is pretty important and therefore is extremely invaluable to protect in order to prevent head injury. Wearing a hard hat, like the MK8 Evolution Hard Hat, is the first line of defense against head injuries on the job. A hard hat can protect your head from falling materials on a construction site and guard against accidental bumps or flying debris on your road crew. Your hard hat will soften the blow to your head, with the goal of keeping you as safe as possible! The hard hat’s suspension acts as a shock absorber. Even if your hat dents or shatters, it still takes some of the force out of the blow and off of your head

There are three categories of hard hats:
Class G –
Hard hats that provide good impact protection but limited voltage protection. Best used for mining, building construction, shipbuilding, manufacturing, and lumber industries.
Class E – Helmets that provide excellent protection for electrical workers because they protect against falling objects and high-voltage shock and burns.
Class C – Lightweight comfort and important protection; they protect workers from bumping against fixed objects but do not protect against falling objects or electric shock.

At all of our hard hats are safety rated and conform to ANSI Z89.1 – 2003 Standard, Type 1, and Class G & E.