Are you organizing an event where it’s essential for special personnel to be easily recognizable? Events can include: County fairs, church festivals, fun runs, 5K races, and special interest conventions – just a few examples out of many. When it comes to these types of gatherings, the patrons will need to know who they can turn to for logistical concerns: Where will they park? Where can they buy tickets? Where can they go to find a missing member of their party? Where can they go to receive first aid? Where are the restrooms? When these questions need to be asked, patrons don’t want to have to run around wondering who can provide the answers.

With the help of pink incident command vests, your team will easily standout and will be available to assist your patrons for the duration of the events. These pink vests are also appropriate for events that wish to show support for the fight against breast cancer. If you are organizing a “Race for the Cure,” or similar type of event, what better way to keep your runners and volunteers safe than these pink incident command vests? Find them today with custom screen printing at Although we are highlighting the pink version of these vests in this post, we do have the same incident command vests in the following colors:

Dark Blue
Royal Blue
Light Blue
Kelly Green
Forrest Green
Florescent Orange
Fluorescent Yellow