If you are someone who likes to camp, hike, backpack, canoe, or engage in any other similar outdoor activity, you know that there is a lot of equipment you are going to need. Some outdoor enthusiasts while take part in some of these activities simultaneously. For example: Some Boy Scout Troops will navigate their canoes through a number of rivers or lakes so that they can row ashore as the day draws to an end to set up a campsite. Regardless of whether you need a tent, backpack, oars, heavy duty boots, or other outdoor gear, there is one item that every single one of these activities requires: An emergency first aid kit.

Luckily, most of these type of outings transpire without incident. On occasion you may get a mild scrape or a pesky mosquito bite. Even with something this minor, you still will want to have antibiotic cream and bandages to ensure that the cut does not get infected. However, you never know when an actual emergency may occur: Sprained ankle, snake bite, or something along these lines. Whether the medical incident is minor or major, having an emergency first aid kit on hand will help you quickly address the issue and provide some form of treatment that may go a long way in preventing the situation from turning worse.

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