Construction sites are a place where lots of work gets done. They can also be a place of great danger. If you are working on or overseeing a construction site then you need to have an emphasis on safety. Watch out for these common construction accidents.

1. Not being prepared for rain: Rain can cause a lot of problems at a construction site. Not only does it make things slick, but it also reduces visibility. If you must work in the rain, make sure you have a HI VIS rain jacket so that vehicles and other workers can clearly see those wearing it.

2. Falling: Falling reports for 30 percent of all on the job deaths within construction. Since construction workers often work from very high heights, this is understandable. Make sure your workers are safe when working at high areas.

3. Slipping: Many things can cause a slip, such as uneven ground and stray tools. Make sure your site is organized to reduce the risk of a worker falling on a tool astray.

4. Overexertion: Hours of work in the heat can cause dehydration and other problems. Make sure your workers have the right gear for the weather, and give them adequate breaks.

5. Fires and explosions: Unfinished piping, leaking gas, and electrical systems can all cause fires and explosions. Make sure to be aware of all fire hazards and have a plan for what to do if one breaks out.

6. Getting hit by vehicles: Construction sites are often near roads and highways. Make sure your workers have the right visibility vests for the job.

7. Falling debris: Many sites have multiple levels. It is very common for tools or other things to fall in between them.

Construction sites can be dangerous places, but the first step in keeping them safe is being aware of the potential dangers. Make sure you know what can happen and how to avoid it.