With one in 10 of all construction workers being injured every year, a construction site is a dangerous place. Even though some accidents will happen, many can be prevented by training workers, maintaining equipment, and following safety protocols, like supplying high-vis workwear to the employees. Here are the leading causes of construction site accidents: Falls In 2012, almost 20 percent of deaths at building sites were attributed to falls. One cause of a fall is tripping over objects like tools or wires. Stepping through a hole that was accidentally covered with plastic is another cause. Ladders and scaffolding can also cause falls, especially if they are not properly maintained. Ladders need to be stable, fully extended and the right size for the job. Scaffolding needs to be checked often for stability, design problems, leveling, and sway. Contact with Objects Being hit by an object is the cause of around 10 percent of fatalities at construction work sites. This could be falling debris, such as tools or equipment. Contact with objects includes being caught between two objects. Electrocution Electrocution is the third most common cause of construction site deaths. The electricity needs to be switched off, wires labeled, and the proper insulation needs to be used. Every worker needs to be aware of where the power lines are located. Equipment Accidents Equipment accidents can be avoided with proper training, maintenance, and the workers maintaining their focus. This is especially true for cranes, which play a role in many injuries. Crane operators need very good focus and training. Explosions and Fire If electrical work and plumbing is not finished, that can cause a fire or explosion. Inefficient electrical wiring or negligence is often the problem so safety checks can find and address the problem. Mental and Physical Exhaustion Working long hours and dehydration can lead to overexertion and mistakes. It is important for workers to get plenty of rest and stay hydrated, especially when working in heat.