The weather plays a big role in how we dress and prepare for the day and for those who are out in the elements all day, it plays an even bigger role.

The construction workers, building crews, parking lot attendants, machine operators, event workers, and road repair crews who are out in the rain and snow and heat at all hours of the day and night need to stay safe and seen! It is vital for them to wear the right types of safety apparel so that they can be seen at all times — and hi-vis shirts are a great item to add to any work-site dress code!

High-visibility apparel such as shirts, jackets, vests, pants,
gloves, and hats can help you stand out and be seen easily by passing drivers. Reflective vests or shirts and other safety apparel can be used in all types of weather as there are shirts and vests for cold and warm weather and jackets designed for snow or rain.

Many companies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Federal Highway Administration, provide specific requirements that must be met for safety clothing that is needed during certain working condition. Hi-vis shirts are among the most commonly used safety apparel found on most job sites.

Many workers who have been in construction, road work, or related job sites for a long period of time can forget what it is like for the drivers on the road and can forget how things look from their perspective. Some workers falsely believe they will stand out to drivers at night if the drivers have their headlights on and that visibility isn’t really all that bad in rain and snow storms.

In reality, drivers may often not be looking ahead and may not see the workers in the road until it is too late — or they may be a little distracted and run off the side of the road a little and hit workers standing too close to the side of the road. Reflective clothing and hi-vis shirts help workers stand out easier in all weather conditions and work environments and helps ensure they are safe and seen at all times!