Emergency response management is made easier with the many incident command vest colors available from SafetyGearOnline.com. How can multiple colors help your team get the job done more efficiently? How does sharp organization play into public perception? Learn more about how these items can help your teams.

On-site Performance

Teams often include a mix of veterans and newcomers. The veterans likely know key players by face, but newcomers need time to pick up on organization. Color-coded positions and leadership helps them fit in quickly instead of wasting time. Color-coding is also important when multiple teams are facing an emergency together. Less confusion about who is doing what always brings greater efficiency.

Public Perception

Emergencies put workers in direct contact with the public. Both groups rely on each other for safety and support. Bystanders will also have questions, and color coordination helps them get fast answers from the right sources. When the public senses a high degree of coordination, they feel more confident about the response. Increased confidence means greater safety for everyone involved and a faster response.

Colors Help Organize

Emergency management is difficult, and strong leadership is a must. A range of incident command vest colors helps you maintain a strong organization.

Designate Team Members with Laminated Titles (easy as 1-2-3...)

Easily identify your team members using the vest colors and also make it very apparent what their responsibilities are by creating laminated titles to insert into the vinyl pockets, front and back, on each vest. The laminated title order process is as easy as 1-2-3.