Construction sites can be very dangerous and it is important for every company to take measures to reduce injury. A safe environment makes for happier workers and better efficiency. Here are some ways to make a construction site safe.

Inspection – Have someone thoroughly inspect the site for possible hazards. Also check for hazardous materials to make sure they are identified, marked, and properly stored.

Training – Make safety training a priority. Not only do workers need to be trained to safely operate equipment, but they also need to know how to properly use safety equipment. Make sure workers know the safety regulations and understand the importance of following them. For hazardous materials, each employee needs to know how to use a Material Safety Data Sheet. They need to be trained in the use and handling of hazardous materials and how to properly clean up spills.

Provide Personal Safety Equipment – Personal safety equipment includes safety glasses, work boots, hard hats, and gloves. Personal fall arrest systems should be used when working at high elevations or on scaffolding. If high visibility clothing is needed at the site, make sure it is worn by all workers. As the weather gets cooler, warmer outerwear will be needed. For example, hi vis hoodies can keep workers visible and if they get too warm, they can easily remove them.

Perform Regular Equipment Inspections – All equipment on the site needs to be in perfect operating condition. Tell operators to report any strange sounds or vibrations. When there is a problem, shut down the equipment immediately until repairs are done.

Review All Accidents – Any type of accident needs to be investigated to find the cause or causes. That way the company can take action to prevent accidents in the future. Even a near miss needs attention since there was a possibility of an accident.