reflective t-shirts

Job sites come in all shapes and size but they all share one thing in common, from the construction site to the road construction site, job sites are busy and dangerous places to work. Accidents in work zones are on a steady decline and that trend thankfully is continuing, this can be attribute to many factors, one of which is safety apparel and better regulations for work place attire. Proper clothing like high-visibility sweatshirts, bright jackets, and reflective T-shirts and vests, coupled with advances in technology and better training help make all jobsites, no matter the industry, safer places to work. However, accidents do still happen and injuries are still common; here are some of the top causes of work-zone accidents today: Injuries Thousands of workers are injured in some way every year in road work zones and construction sites. Most injuries result from impact or major contact with objects or work site equipment. The second most common cause for worker injuries while on the job were falls, slips, and trips. The third spot ties overexertion and transportation incidents, both while can lead to major accidents and serious injuries. The fifth most common was exposure to harmful substances or environments on the job site. Fatalities Around half of all the worker fatalities that happen on construction sites, road work jobs, and similar work environments were from workers being struck or run over by workplace equipment and machinery. Most of these involved a large dump truck or other vehicle that had a backup alarm which was not properly functioning. The third most common cause of death in these types of work sites is being hit by an object or getting pinned by equipment or parts. Many of these fatalities could have been avoided had the workers been wearing the proper equipment and had reflective T-shirts and other high-visibility clothing on while on the work site. Fatal Work Zone Crashes Most deaths in work zones are drivers and passengers of automobiles:

  • No seat-belt: 50%
  • Speeding: 30%
  • Alcohol: 20%