First responders – policemen, firemen, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and others professionally trained to respond immediately to the scene of an emergency to provide assistance – need (and deserve) the assurance of safety and protection from harm themselves, especially when working on or around high traffic areas such as highways and freeways. Providing proper highway safety for first responders makes them safer while on the job, and can help prevent unintentional injuries and even death in an emergency scenario.

America’s firefighters, EMTs/paramedics, law enforcement officers, towing and recovery operators, and safety service patrol personnel are vulnerable to the serious hazards intrinsic in emergency responses on our nation’s highways. Unfortunately, these first responders are injured or stuck and killed while working roadway incidents and helping others far too often.

Every time a first responder answers a call for help, he or she is exposed to potential injury. Although professionally trained to handle dangerous situations, the potential for harm is ever present. For firefighters, fatalities from vehicle collisions are the second leading cause of death.

High visibility clothing can help create a safer working environment for all first responders.

SafetyGearOnline is your best route to highway safety for first responders. Our high visibility (hi-vis) clothing and protective gear offers the critical visibility needed to stay safe when working in a chaotic situation, especially if that situation takes place in a heavy traffic area. Our selection of safety vests includes safety vests, incident command vests, public safety vests, and ANSI Class 2 and 3 reflective, flame resistant vests.

Besides reflective and fire resistant vests, safety clothing such as high visibility tee shirts, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, and rain gear is available to help keep first responders safe on our nation’s roadways. In addition, we offer everything you need for traffic control when working a roadside incident. Whether you need LED traffic wands, reflective and non-reflective hand-held stop signs, LED flares, barricade tape, traffic batons, or marking flags we can help. If you want to maximize your safety, make sure to check out our line of hi-vis apparel and safety gear today.