When it comes to working on the job — no matter what industry it happens to be in — safety should always be priority number one. Certain types of jobs face more hazards than others when it comes to risk being struck by motorists or others on the job that are operating heavy machinery. Jobs like these require the use of appropriate safety gear, such as hi-vis t-shirts or reflective vests, which should be worn at all times so that workers are easily and clearly seen by others.

But the winter adds another level of safety on the job. Not only do workers need to make themselves seen clearly, they also need to bundle up to the point that they do not risk hypothermia while working outside in the frigid temperatures that the winters tend to bring. As such, workplace apparel needs to be both reflective and warm enough to keep workers safe and comfortable.

Fortunately, manufacturers have designed highly effective articles of clothing and accessories for the job, whether it’s a construction worker, road worker, crossing guard, emergency responder, and so forth. Apparel in this category includes hi-vis winter workwear as well as Non-ANSI apparel.

Don’t Forget About Functionality

While warmth is definitely critical, it should not be at the expense of functionality and safety. The opposite is also true. Ideally, the garments that are worn should address all of these issues and not compromise both the safety and warmth of the person wearing such attire.

It’s also important to factor in the type of work that’s being done. Certain types of apparel are better suited for certain types of jobs compared to others. It’s crucial to select garments that are perfectly suited for the task at hand. Consider factors such as bulk, weight, flexibility, and range of motion.

While there is a lot to consider, one thing is for certain — there’s no excuse not to wear hi-vis winter workwear to stay safe and warm while on the job.