As the temperatures start dropping with the winter season approaching, not only should you be wearing a jacket or boots, you should also remember to dress your head and keep it warm. Most hats are adequate at keeping your head warm all day long, but you also need the added element of a hi-visibility hat to also keep you out of harm’s way while on the job. Thanks to their bright colors and reflective materials, these specialized work hats can help to boost your visibility this winter while keeping you warm and comfortable.


There are all types of safety hats available, including beanies. These types of hats are tight-fitting and feature a flexible design. They hold tight to your head and help to keep the heat in and the cold out. With their bright colors and reflective materials, beanies like these can help keep you warm and safe all winter long.


This unique design is meant to cover your head, face, and neck for the ultimate in warmth and comfort in cold temperatures. They’re similar to ski masks, but they don’t have any openings for the mouth. The long neck can tuck in the jacket collar to prevent any drafts from getting in.

Hard Hat Liners

Hard hat liners are nothing new, but they have become more innovative. If the job you have necessitates the use of a hard hat, try to keep your head warm in the winter with a protective hard hat liner during the winter. Hi-vis hard hat liners come in all sorts of types and styles, and feature loops that are designed for the head strap on hard hats. They provide extra protection while making sure that your hard hat is securely fastened on your head.

Aviator Hats

Hi-visibility aviator hats come in a variety of designs but typically have the same focus — to keep your head and ears warm during the winter. They’re lined with warm, insulating materials and have large flaps on both sides that tie underneath the chin.

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