It’s October! It’s that special time of year when theatrical haunted houses will open their doors and invite brave souls to enter and test their courage. It is an opportunity to enjoy a good scare and some good fun.

Spooky! Stay safe this Halloween.

Although haunted houses are highly entertaining, safety must always be taken into consideration for both the people who go to the haunted houses and those who work to make the attraction come to life. Granted you don’t really need to wear safety glasses to an event such as this, but you should keep the following thoughts in the back of your mind:

For Patrons

-Don’t wear flip flops. As people bunch up as they get scared, toes can get stepped on. Also, some haunted attractions are outdoors and October brings a lot of rain. You don’t want to trek through the mud in flip flops.

-Don’t run. No matter how scared you are, do not run away from a monster. Running in a dark maze can be dangerous if you don’t know where there is a wall or maybe an area you are supposed to duck under. Also, you could always run right into another ghoul!

-Bonus “Mental” Safety: Don’t let the haunted house workers know what scares you. If you don’t like spiders, and someone finds out, they will make sure that spiders abound on your tour.

For Workers

-Know your exits. In case of an emergency, you need to know how to get yourself and patrons out. Also, in the case of someone too scared to continue, you need to be able to get them outside of the house.

-Check for damage. Each night a haunted house runs, there is a lot of stress put on the structure. Whether it is people being scared into corners, or actors banging on the walls to make noise, some damages can occur. Take some time each night to check for loose nails or screws, broken wood, or tour path obstructions. Make sure everything is secure each night before you begin letting in the hoards of people.

-Don’t rush when you are navigating the backstage area. If people are moving around to get into “scaring” position you could run into each other, a mechanical effect, or part of the structure of the building. The last thing you want is to have to rush someone to the doctor’s office during a show.

By following these simple tips, we can all enjoy a safe Halloween season.  Happy Haunting!