Head injuries are among the most common and most dangerous forms of occupational injuries. Over 100,000 head injuries are reported every year and in many cases the victim was not wearing proper head protection. It’s important to wear the hard hats, safety glasses, earplugs or dist masks at all times when working in potentially hazardous environments.

SafetyGear Online offers standard and full brim hard hats in a variety of colors. These certified hard hats protect the wearer from cuts, scrapes, lacerations, concussions or fractures. When a hard hat is worn in combination with a pair of shatter resistant polycarbonate safety glasses, it is possible to protect the head from flying debris or falling objects.

Head protection is extremely important because traumatic head injuries can result in lifelong disabilities. You should never trust your head to hard hat or pair of safety glasses that are not properly tested and rated for safety use. Improper safety equipment can break or shatter resulting in even greater injuries to the wearer. That’s why Safety Gear Online only carries certified safety equipment that is designed to hold up during serious accidents.

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