The spring weather is arriving in some portions of the country. This means that baseball and softball teams are breaking out the bats, gloves, catcher’s equipment, and taking to the diamond to get ready for the upcoming season. Whether it’s the Major League players, or a tee-ball league for youngsters, baseball is in the air.

When we say, “Baseball is in the air,” we mean that figuratively and literally. Although baseball is an excellent sport, it does come with its dangers. The baseball or softball does move at high speeds when being pitched, or when it comes off the bat. This is why batters, base runners, catchers, and umpires always wear helmets to stay safe. The other unique element of baseball and softball is that its not only the players are the ones at risk from projectiles. A foul ball or home run puts pedestrians, vehicles, and other property at risk. This is especially true for little league and community ballparks.

If you are part of a road/work crew and you are working near an active ballpark, then you may also be at risk of a foul ball. This is especially true if you are working with power equipment and don’t even hear the ball leave the bat. A high fly ball can cause serious injury or damage. Therefore if you happen to be working near a ballpark, it might not be a bad idea to have your crew wear something such as this ratchet hard hat just to give you protection from a stray foul ball.