While you’re out on the job site, having the right HiVis Safety apparel is important to help keep you visible and safe. 

So, you have that HiVis safety vest or shirt on - now imagine your logo printed on that HiVis material, it would be an eye catcher! 

Having your company logo, or brand, printed on HiVis Safety apparel will definitely let people know “who’s getting the work done”. 

At SafetyGear Online we can help you to get that perfect PRINT by providing you with some hopefully helpful information when it comes to printing your logo or other identification. 

Screen Printing vs. Heat Press?

Have you ever noticed a print design on a t-shirt peeling away from the fabric or looking bad because of it cracking?

Well, we can help you understand why the cracking occurs, and hopefully help you decide which is the best method to have your company logo printed. 

When it comes to printing, there are two popular printing methods, screen print or heat press.

Heat Press:

When you heat press on to material, a print, or design, is created on a computer and printed on to transfer paper. The transfer paper is then placed into a heat press machine that transfers the design on to the material. 

However, to be sure the print adheres well to the surface, it requires accurate time, temperature and applied pressure.  Keep in mind, as the transfer paper is heated and pressed on to the material, the image is being “glued” to the material.  

So what's the Pros and Cons of having your logo heat pressed , you ask? Well here's a few.


  1. Multiple colors can be transferred.
  2. Use of computer software allows for unlimited graphic editing.
  3. Sometimes it is less expensive.


  1. The glued image creates stiffness in the material where the image was pressed.
  2. Adds weight to the material.
  3. Images tend to appear better on light colored apparel versus dark colored.
  4. When washing the heat pressed apparel, and placing it into the dryer the image tends to eventually crack and possibly peal off from the fabric, due to heat from the dryer.

Screen Printing:

Now we get to talk about screen printing. Screen printing is a process using a mesh screen to transfer ink from a screen to the material, this is done by moving a blade/squeegee back and forth, as the ink seeps through the mesh screen on to the material.

However, if your design calls for multiple colors, then a separate screen is created for each color. Each screen is created as an overlay to transfer each color of the image on to the material. 

For example, a 4 colored image would need 4 separate screens.  Screen printing is an old printing technique that’s been around for decades. 

So let's take a look at the Pros and Cons of screen printing as well.


  1. Final screen printed images are vibrant in color.
  2. Provides long lasting vibrant color appearance on material.
  3. Does not create added weight to material.
  4. The image that is printed is more permanent in most cases, than using heat press process.


  1. Initial cost is higher due to set-up charges.
  2. Actual printing cost can be higher than heat press due to process.

Get it Screen Printed

Here at SafetyGear Online believe in quality, durability and longevity for our customers, which is why we provide screen printing services for our customers. 

Here's how we can help you. We will...

  1. Work closely with you to get your logo, or brand, printed the way you want.
  2. Help with layout of design, to best meet your needs.
  3. Only print with your approval.
  4. Keep your printing proof on file, making re-orders very easy for you.
  5. Provide quick turn-around time whenever possible.

So, let us help you with printing your logo, brand or other identification. Make an investment in your company to be seen throughout your community for years to come.

Get your company logo or other identification screen printed with us and you won’t be disappointed.  For more information and to get the process started - visit the custom printing section on our website.

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