You know that safety comes first, but do you practice it every day? Whether you’re a construction professional or DIY enthusiast, staying safe is essential to helping you do what you love for years to come. Sometimes, though, despite our best efforts, accidents happen. Having a well-stocked, high-quality first aid kit on hand helps to reduce the severity of injuries and can even save lives.

Your needs may vary depending on how many people you work with and what type of work you do. If you’re on a budget, a basic first aid kit will help you to stay safe while working on many types of projects. However, larger kits with a wide variety of supplies can help you care for a range of injury types, from insect stings or bites to sprained fingers. Most projects take place in settings where painful cuts, minor burns, large splinters and other injuries can take us away from getting the job done.

Whether you’re responsible for others or working alone, having the proper medical supplies available can mean the difference between clean wounds and infected ones, controlled and uncontrolled bleeding, and a splinter that’s removed instantly or one that causes pain and inflammation for hours on end. First aid kits can help you decrease pain, increase comfort and lessen the severity of many types of on-the-job injuries!