Allergies are a problem that affect many people. Some of the most common allergies include dust, mold, and pet dander. People who are particularly susceptible to these allergies can have a difficult time when trying to get simple chores done around the house, so when it comes time for spring cleaning, it can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers.

At SafetyGear Online we understand the importance of being safe and healthy when completing a task. That’s why we offer a variety of tools to help allergy sufferers get their spring cleaning done without having to sneeze, cough and gasp their way through it. The simplest solution for people with allergies is to wear a dust mask. These simple masks can block airborne particles and prevent an allergic reaction. When used in combination with goggles to protect the eyes from allergens, a dust mask is an inexpensive solution for allergies.

Dust masks make spring cleaning, home renovation projects, yard work, or any other activities where airborne particles can cause problems, more tolerable for allergy sufferers. Do you have more tips on staying allergy free when getting things done around the house? Comment and let us know. We love to hear your ideas!