When it comes to construction work, safety is paramount — particularly in the road construction business. In light of all the safety hazards road construction professionals are exposed to on a daily basis, it’s important that their attire be suited to their work. Company owners and project managers looking for effective ways to protect their crews from the elements are urged to outfit them with the following safety accessories. 

High-Visibility Shirts

The best way to avoid collisions with motorists is to make your workers visible to them. This can be accomplished by having your crew members don high-visibility shirts whenever they’re on the job. These shirts will increase their chances of being seen by inattentive motorists, thus reducing their risk of being hit by cars. Furthermore, your workers need to make an active effort to stay out of motorists blind spots.

UV-Blocking Safety Glasses

With all the flying debris that road construction produces, it’s in your crew’s best interest to wear eye protection. Additionally, since much of their work is done during daylight hours, any protective eye-wear your workers don should be UV-resistant. In addition to offering protection against eye injuries, these safety glasses will guard against ocular sun exposure. 

Hard Hats

When working with heavy-duty construction equipment, hard hats are an absolute must. Even if you’ve never been hit by flying debris or gotten conked on the head by a piece of construction material, you lucky streak can be undone in a split second. As an added bonus, hard hats can prove helpful in protecting your scalp from UV rays. Road construction is far from the safest profession a person can choose. However, working in this industry doesn’t have to be consistently perilous. If you keep your wits about you and don an assortment of safety accessories, you can dramatically diminish your chances of falling victim to an on-the-job accident.