Whether an electrician is working on fuse boxes wiring that go through the walls and ceiling, or working on power lines along busy road, they will need safety gear. This type of safety gear will include high visibility clothing, similar to what construction workers and road side workers wear. These include clothing that is either lime green, yellow, or orange in color, which sport silver reflective stripes.

This type of clothing is a requirement as it ensures that they can be seen, and it flags to onlookers that caution should be taken around them. Most often you will see electricians wear hi visibility hoodies, vests, or sweaters, as these are unlikely to get in the way of their work, and they are easy to move around in.

Other Essential Gear Required

Other than just hi visibility hoodies and other work wear, electricians also need other gear in order to stay safe during the winter months. When it comes to doing their job correctly, they need to anticipate inclement weather such as sleet, ice, snow, and squall storms.  Because of this, they should also look to have proper tool belts, ear plugs, gloves, and proper harnessing equipment if they are working up high. Non-slip rubber work boots are often used in the winter time as they keep the feet warm, but provide extra support for when there are slippery surfaces.

It is important that they have clothing that will not interrupt or hinder how they work, as even the slightest issue can cause immense injury.  Bulky clothing can lead to unintended mishaps which may lead to falls if the electrician is working on a power line. This is why thinner vests and hoodies that have fleece linings are used because they permit the electrician to move around, regardless of whether they are on the ground or in the air but still provide them with the warmth they need.

On a final note, an electrician should always wear short hair or tied back hair that can be easily covered during the winter months. This ensures that there are no mishaps with it getting caught in anything or even set on fire from potential sparks when working with electricity.