Don’t want to remove those gloves?  Then get yourself a pair of touchscreen gloves.

Touchscreen gloves allow you to use touchscreen devices without removing your gloves. 

Conductive Fabric

Touchscreen gloves  are lined with conductive fabric to transfer electric waves from the human body to the electronic device. 

Keep in mind, the device you are using must have touchscreen capabilities, in order for the touchscreen gloves to work. 

Capacitive Design—A Must

These days, most devices have screens made with a capacitive touchscreen.   A capacitive screen is what helps to complete the electrical circuit travelling from the body to the device screen.

Typical Glove vs. Touchscreen Glove

What’s the difference between the two?  Good question.  Well, the material used to make non-touchscreen glove creates a barrier between your body and the touchscreen.  This barrier prevents your body’s electrical current to operate the capacitive screen.

However, a glove made with conductive threads bridges your body’s electrical current to the capacitive touchscreen.  Nonetheless, completing the electrical circuit flow from your body to the capacitive scree. Hence, allowing you to operate the touchscreen device.

Keep them On

In today’s modern world, we depend on devices to help us get our work done.  Therefore, using a touchscreen glove will help you to do your “hands-on” work without needing to remove your gloves to operate your touchscreen device.

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