There are plenty of jobs out there in which wearing a safety vest is a good idea. There are also many different types of safety vests available. So how do you know what vest is the right one for the job? It all comes down to fit and function. Let’s take a moment to look at some of the more common safety vests and what jobs they are best suited for.

The Incident Command Vest

Incident command vests are unique among safety vests because they come in a variety of colors. This makes them an ideal choice for public events where you need to stand out from the crowd. These vests were originally created to coordinate teams of first responders in emergency situations, but work well for most public events. Jobs such as event coordinators, ticket takers, or guest service representatives are a perfect fit for an incident command vest. These jobs are not concerned with being seen by motor vehicles or conforming to safety regulations.

Reflective Sport Vest

A reflective sport vest is lighter than a traditional vest and often made with a mesh material for maximum breath-ability. These vests are designed for running, walking or cycling on or near busy roadways. They are good to have on hand for the winter season where short day light hours often mean being out after dark. While these vests are high visibility in nature, they are not designed for industrial use.

ANSI Class 2 Vest

A class 2 safety vest is the classic high visibility vest seen on construction crews and road workers. These brightly colored vests have reflective striping to insure the wearer is seen clearly. These vests are perfect for most jobs that occur on or near a road such as construction, utility work, surveying, or litter cleanup.