Are you part of a construction crew that routinely has to excavate in order to accomplish your assignment? Are you part of a landscaping company that also installs automatic sprinkler systems? If you find yourself in a position like this, or one that is similar, then you know the very important rule:  Check before you dig. You never know what might be under the spot where intend to dig.

A few examples of potential underground utilities:

-Gas lines

-Water lines

-Sprinkler heads

-Underground cables

-Invisible dog fence lines

-Landscape lighting wires

-Security system cables

These are just a few examples of what may be under your feet. Breaking any of these lines can create a lot of problems and it is better to identify any type underground utility before this happens. Once you check with the appropriate parties and the location of the lines/pipes are known, you can then use these marker flags so that you don’t lose track. This way you can dig and work efficiently, without the constant worry of causing damage to an important utility line.