High Visibility Pants

  1. The Role of Hi-Vis Safety Clothing on the Job Site

    Risk assessments are something that must be carried out on a regular basis in a workplace and these assessments and checks are important because they help the manager and foreman to determine if there are any hazards and the risks that need to be noted. Consideration must also be given to the worker to ensure their safety and care must be given...
  2. The Importance of Hi Visibility Apparel on the Job

    The Importance of Hi Visibility Apparel on the Job
    Being employed and earning a living should never come at the expense of a person’s safety. There are certain jobs out there that require an added level of safety measures in order to ensure complete security while on the job. Any scenario where there are passing motorists or people operating large pieces of machinery or equipment warrants the use of hi-visibility safety apparel to...

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