The construction industry is a billion dollar industry in the United States and employs 8 million workers. Workers include not only construction helpers but skilled workers as well, like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons, surveyors, painters, glaziers, and plasterers. Here are six benefits of being a construction worker.

Suit and Tie Not Required

One benefit of construction work is you can wear pretty much what you wish. Of course, there are some regulations concerning safety, like wearing safety goggles, hard hats, or hi-vis workwear. Other than that, you can wear comfortable clothes of your choice.

Type of Work

Some people prefer to work outside and would hate being inside all day. Construction workers work with their hands and equipment and that is appealing to many. There is also job satisfaction knowing that you have contributed to something that will last many years.

Good Pay

Workers are paid very well according to their experience and skill level. Union workers usually get paid better than non-union counterparts. Construction sites need managers and safety managers so there is room for growth and higher salaries.

Good Hours

Many construction jobs work during the day and have evenings and weekends off. Many also start early in the day, so you get home sooner than many office workers. Also, you will be fairly compensated for any overtime hours.

Better Physical Health

Working outside will give your body an ample supply of vitamin D which helps you stay healthy. Working all day can also help build your stamina. Physical activity is good for your heart and cardiovascular system. You will be stronger and your muscles will be more powerful from working in the construction industry.

Job Security

Experienced construction workers will almost always be able to find work. If you move to another state or country, there will be construction opportunities any place you go. For those who like to travel, you may be offered jobs in other countries with your current company.