Companies that are looking to ensure that their workers stay safe will surely want access to the right equipment. Hand held stop signs, which are designed to be eminently colorful, will let drivers know that they should exercise caution or perhaps even come to a complete halt at a certain intersection. Crosswalks, construction zones and elementary school parking lots are all areas where hand held stop signs will be useful. They might even save lives.

Benefits of Using Rigorously Crafted Signs

The signs are made from reflective materials, which means they can be seen in both severe weather and areas of low lighting. Workers can thus direct drivers to slow down or stop as they move through pedestrian-friendly areas. Many of the available signs are either 18 or 24 inches wide, which means they can be easily spotted from several hundred feet away.

Children and Pedestrians

Hand held stop signs are particularly important during hours when children will be crossing the street to get to school. Crossing guards often employ these signs to completely stop traffic while the youngsters make their way across the pavement. The signs are equally effective near malls, construction sites, sporting events and concert venues.

All signs are crafted from quality materials and will remain in pristine condition for years. Business owners and wholesale safety gear buyers will be very pleased indeed with their investments.