If you work in an industry that requires wearing high-visibility clothing, you might be surprised to discover a hi-vis jacket is something you should keep on hand year round, not just during winter. Here's why.

Temperatures Can Vary Widely Throughout the Day

Depending on where you are working, there can be a temperature differential as wide as 40 or 50 degrees between the low and high temps on a single day. If you work during the cooler part of the day you'll still need to stay warm. It's better to dress in layers than to try to gut it out through colder conditions until temps rise to a comfortable level.

Weather Conditions Can Vary Widely

Hi-viz jackets don't just keep your warm — they also keep you dry. In many places, afternoon thunderstorms are common. Even though temps may be warm, you'll still need to stay dry. Many jackets have removable fleece linings, making them ideal for use throughout the year in just about any weather conditions.

Safety Jackets Are Specially Made

High-visibility jackets are not the same as normal jackets. Besides making it easy for the wearer to be seen, hi-viz jackets are designed to be weatherproof. Where normal jackets would quickly become soaked, heavy, and extremely uncomfortable in rainy conditions, safety jackets offer protection from the elements, ensuring the wearer stays as dry and comfortable as possible.

Safety Jackets Are Adjustable

As mentioned above, hi-viz jackets often have removable lining so they can be worn in a wide variety of temperatures. However, that's not all. Many safety jackets are "3-in-1" style, meaning that the removable lining can be worn on its own as a separate jacket, providing not just two comfortable options but three. Considering how variable weather conditions can be, safety jackets are well worth the investment any time of the year.