Manufacturer Spotlight: Radians

August 7th, 2017

Radians Hi Vis JacketSafetyGear Online is known for providing the best in top quality safety gear and apparel to the hard working, dedicated professional men and women of the construction industry. When you are working on a road crew, or as part of a team of first responders, individual protection and visibility are vital to maintaining the safety of your environment. In low visibility or after sunset, the need for increased visibility becomes critical, and can literally mean the difference between life and death for construction personnel, roadside maintenance workers, and first responders.

When you add inclement weather to the mix, working outside can be even more hazardous. Foggy conditions, low light, and rain limit driver visibility even further, and can make roadside working conditions slippery and dangerous. SafetyGear Online is proud to offer ANSI approved safety apparel from Radians for foul weather protection such as Radians Class E – General Purpose Rain Pants. These bib pants utilize the latest technology in high visibility rain gear to bring workers the superior safety, durability, and comfort they need when working outside in inclement weather. These high visibility, weatherproof rain pants offer the kind of protection that can enhance performance as well as safety. Adjustable straps and zipper expansions will help keep the wearer cool and comfortable on the job, as well as protected! Paired with the Radians General Purpose Rain Jacket, personnel will be covered and protected from top to bottom. Both of these top of the line products are made from materials that are comfortable to wear when working, offering both freedom of movement and protection from the weather.

If conditions call for something a little lighter, the ANSI Class III – HiViz Light Weight Rain Jacket and ANSI Class E – HiViz Light Weight Rain Pants by Radians feature high visibility technology. Made from weatherproof, innovative materials that provide comfort and durability, the work pants have adjustable cuffs to create a more comfortable and functional fit, and the light weight rain jacket offers the ultimate in quality construction and high visibility technology. This comfortable, protective rain jacket features a vented back cape and lightweight construction that will make work comfortable on any day. Lightweight high visibility rain pants and jackets by Radians provide workers with the essential protection and desired comfort to work safely and effectively in all weather conditions.

If weather conditions such as colder temperatures, snow, or ice call for more heavy duty protection, Radians offers their Heavy Duty Rain Jacket and Heavy Duty Rain Pants. These waterproof ANSI Class 3 breathable pants and jacket are made from an oxford material for durability and feature 3M reflective striping for performance in all severe weather environments and extreme conditions, offering the protection to be free to do the job without worrying about being hampered by the weather.

When working outdoors in bad weather, having the finest waterproof high visibility rain pants and jacket is vital. This heavy duty high visibility Radians waterproof jacket provides the warmth workers need along with total protection from the elements, with an attached hood, full zipper and button closures, and elastic cuffs. The florescent color provides immediate visibility, and the reflective striping offers further visibility regardless of lighting or weather conditions. When you want the very best high visibility, high quality waterproof rain pants and jackets, you will find what you need when you shop

Manufacture Spotlight: ML Kishigo

July 3rd, 2017

SafetyGear Online is proud to offer the diligent, hard working men and women of the construction industry the best in high quality safety clothing and safety vests by ML Kishigo, featuring both the dynamic Brilliant Series and the powerful Premium Black Series. When it comes to road construction, visibility is crucial to maintaining worker safety. In low light conditions such as cloudy days, fog, twilight, or after sundown, the Brilliant Series by ML Kishigo offers construction and roadside maintenance workers maximum visibility.

Extra reflective trim helps provide quick human form identification and enhanced long distance visibility of roadside workers for oncoming vehicle drivers. Smaller piping on the Brilliant Series safety vests makes more movement than that on standard safety vests, and helps oncoming traffic differentiate workers from the general construction work zone, helping enhance the safety of both the workers and the general driving public. ML Kishigo’s Brilliant Series of safety clothing is dedicated to keeping workers visible, and keeping them safe.

Construction workers, first responders, and roadside assistance workers depend on their safety clothing to protect them and keep them safe, but they also want it to be functional, comfortable, and if possible, stylish. With the Premium Black Series by ML Mishigo, workers get the visibility they need and the style they like. The items in this versatile line of popular safety clothing and safety gear deliver dependable durability right along with extreme comfort and enhanced visibility, with reflective trim and piping on every piece. Cargo pockets and expansive utility pockets help add functionality to this hardy line of safety wear. With the Premium Black Series of protective safety clothing, you’ll have everything you need to do your job right at your fingertips, all while maintaining your own personal sense of style, even when you’re covered in road grime and dirt.

Manufacturer Spotlight: 3A Safety

May 15th, 2017

SafetyGear Online is proud to feature safety apparel and gear by 3A Safety Groups, Inc. Based in Chico, California, 3A Safety Groups, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high visibility apparel, safety equipment, and gear designed to protect workers from hazards while on the job.


One of the product categories that 3A Safety specializes in is the area of safety vests. Featuring an extensive line of safety vests that consider all situational needs and working environments, 3A Safety covers the spectrum of worker needs from all-purpose mesh vests to ANSI certified apparel made for Class 1, 2, and 3 conditions. With a line of women’s safety vests, all weather vests, and other high visibility apparel and gear, 3A Safety can be counted on to deliver those products that are meant to protect you on the job.


To give you an idea of the type of safety vests available from 3A Safety, SafetyGear Online is happy to feature three different vests from this manufacturer.


The first vest from 3A Safety we like to highlight is the Mesh Vest with Contrasting Stripes. This basic, lightweight vest is made of a 100% polyester and has black trim. The vest is suitable for screen printing, so you can feature your company’s name, logo, or other identifying markers on the front or back. A high visibility vest, it comes in lime green or orange with 2 inch vertical reflective stripes that cover both the front and back of the vest. The vest closes in the front with a three-inch Velcro strip.


The next vest featured from 3A Safety is the Fleece Lined Reversible Vest. Perfect for cold weather, this safety vest is ANSI certified Class 2 and comes in either high visibility fluorescent lime or orange outer color, with a black inner fleece layer. It has 2 inch reflective stripes on the front and back, making it easy to see. A Teflon coated outer shell makes it great for inclement weather like rain, sleet, or snow. With a zippered front and stretch waistband for added comfort and warm, this vest is also packed with six zippered pockets; two chest pockets and four slash pockets (2 inside and 2 outside).


The last vest we are featuring by 3A Safety is the large and extra-large Mesh Safety Vest with Reflective stripes. Similar to the first vest featured, this economical vest is a lightweight, simple, to-the-point, high visibility vest that comes in both fluorescent lime and orange colors. It comes with one-inch reflective stripes that run vertical on the front and back of the vest. This vest closes in the front using a three-inch Velcro strip, and can be screen printed to display company names, logos, or other identifying information. This safety vest is a great, no-frills value that gets the job done.


To see these safety vests and other safety apparel made by 3A Safety Groups, Inc., check out our website featuring their exceptional gear by clicking here. For more information about SafetyGear Online and the wide range of products we stock for every situation, call us at (800) 429-0954, email us at, or visit our website.

Safety Spotlight: Incident Command Vests

April 13th, 2017

Incident Command Vests

In the face of an emergency or similar situation, incident command or incident management is paramount to creating and establishing an on-site management system capable of organizing teams and enacting processes to handle the various factors unique to an emergency. The integration of personnel, equipment, facilities, procedures, and communication lines within a common organizational structure is necessary to gaining control of such a situation.


When it comes to incident management, knowing what roles personnel are performing on scene is important to gaining and maintaining control of a given situation. Being able to quickly and properly identify personnel is key to this aim of controlling and managing emergencies. One way to keep teams organized, create clear lines of communication, and establish efficient processes and procedures necessary to achieve effective incident command is through the use of incident command vests (ICVs). Perfect for creating and identifying specific working groups during an incident, ICVs can help in identifying personnel conducting specific roles during an incident through the use of different colored reflective vests.


Where incident management can be broken out into different functional areas such as logistics, planning, command, operations, investigations, and administration, being able to easily identify personnel in each functional area through designated color-coded vests increases operational efficiency, reduces confusion, improves response times, and establishes an efficient operational tempo.


The incident command vests offered by come in 15 different colors, allowing you to provide each of your teams and critical personnel with a color that identifies their role and responsibility during an emergency. For example, operations personnel adorned with a red incident command vest will tell responders, volunteers, and civilians the role they play in incident management, while those personnel wearing a green vest can be easily identified as behind the scenes administrative personnel. In this example, a person will know straight away, just by observing the color of vest, what role a person has during an emergency, saving time and increasing efficiency in specific task-oriented situations critical to scene.
To help gain control and establish an efficient command during an emergency or critical situation, a clear line of communication can be established by knowing, at a glance, what role a person plays by the color of their ICV. Make sure your teams and personnel are easily identified during times of crisis with’s well-designed incident command vests, and increase your efficiency and control over emergency situations you are coordinating.





Highway Safety for First Responders

March 22nd, 2017

First responders – policemen, firemen, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and others professionally trained to respond immediately to the scene of an emergency to provide assistance – need (and deserve) the assurance of safety and protection from harm themselves, especially when working on or around high traffic areas such as highways and freeways. Providing proper highway safety for first responders makes them safer while on the job, and can help prevent unintentional injuries and even death in an emergency scenario.

America’s firefighters, EMTs/paramedics, law enforcement officers, towing and recovery operators, and safety service patrol personnel are vulnerable to the serious hazards intrinsic in emergency responses on our nation’s highways. Unfortunately, these first responders are injured or stuck and killed while working roadway incidents and helping others far too often.

Every time a first responder answers a call for help, he or she is exposed to potential injury. Although professionally trained to handle dangerous situations, the potential for harm is ever present. For firefighters, fatalities from vehicle collisions are the second leading cause of death.

High visibility clothing can help create a safer working environment for all first responders.

SafetyGearOnline is your best route to highway safety for first responders. Our high visibility (hi vis) clothing and protective gear offers the critical visibility needed to stay safe when working in a chaotic situation, especially if that situation takes place in a heavy traffic area. Our selection of safety vests includes safety vests, incident command vests, public safety vests, and ANSI Class 2 and 3 reflective, flame resistant vests.

Besides reflective and fire resistant vests, safety clothing such as high visibility tee shirts, sweatshirts, pants, jackets, and rain gear is available to help keep first responders safe on our nation’s roadways. In addition, we offer everything you need for traffic control when working a roadside incident. Whether you need LED traffic wands, reflective and non-reflective hand held stop signs, LED flares, barricade tape, traffic batons, or marking flags we can help. If you want to maximize your safety, make sure to check out our line of hi vis apparel and safety gear today.

How to Increase Safety on Construction Sites

February 17th, 2017

How to Increase Safety on Construction SitesConstruction sites are dynamic, high-activity areas and have the potential to be dangerous places to work. In fact, construction work is considered one of the most dangerous professions. From the moment one steps on site, hazards are present. Tools, equipment, machinery, and materials are the standard on any site, and require care when working with and around to prevent accident and injury. In addition to the tools of the trade, the site itself presents constant risks while a project is in progress. To help mitigate problems, reduce incidents, and protect workers, here are five ways to increase safety on construction sites.


Being aware of your surroundings on a construction site is the first step to increasing safety on the job. Being alert to hazards and potential hazards is the best way to prevent accidents. A construction team that is cognizant of the activity in and around their work area and practices situational awareness reduces the chance for error, accident, and injury.

Protective Clothing

Having the right gear to wear on the job is important for both safety and efficiency. Protective clothing and gear such as construction helmets, safety glasses and face shields for eye and face protection, proper fitting gloves, slip and puncture resistant safety-toed footwear, and high visibility safety vests are all important items that keep workers safe from injury while on site.


To complement safety awareness on the job, training is a vital part of creating a safe environment on a construction site. Proper training on how to safely use equipment, tools, and handle materials in transit and during the build process is an effective way to ensure unnecessary accidents. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and other organizations promote safe work conditions through training, publications, and other resources for both businesses and workers.


Both verbal and written communication and direction help guide workers on safety, site expectations, hazards, and daily activities, providing for a well-informed workforce, which cuts down on surprises that can lead to injury. Other forms of communication include signage indicating on-site hazards and dangers that may exist in certain areas.

Communication devices, like 2-way radios and smartphones, increase communication efficiency and keep workers aware and up-to-date on imminent hazardous conditions.


To ensure a safe working area and safe conditions, safety standards and procedures must be properly defined and enforced. A safety conscious supervisor capable of enforcing safety procedures, keeping an eye on operations, and taking corrective action when a worker fails to follow proper procedures, is at the crux of a safe work site. Safety first management styles help reduce injury and accident on the job.

By taking the time to make safety a priority on the work site, providing the proper tools and equipment, and enforcing safety procedures and standards, work place safety is increased, hazardous conditions are better managed, and the chance for error, accident, and injury are reduced.

Hi Visibility Winter Head Gear for the Winter

December 23rd, 2016

As the temperatures start dropping with the winter season approaching, not only should you be 4wearing a jacket or boots, you should also remember to dress your head and keep it warm. Most hats are adequate at keeping your head warm all day long, but you also need the added element of a hi visibility hat to also keep you out of harm’s way while on the job. Thanks to their bright colors and reflective materials, these specialized work hats can help to boost your visibility this winter while keeping you warm and comfortable.


There are all types of safety hats available, including beanies. These types of hats are tight-fitting and feature a flexible design. They hold tight to your head and help to keep the heat in and the cold out. With their bright colors and reflective materials, beanies like these can help keep you warm and safe all winter long.


This unique design is meant to cover your head, face, and neck for the ultimate in warmth and comfort in cold temperatures. They’re similar to ski masks, but they don’t have any openings for the mouth. The long neck can tuck in the jacket collar to prevent any drafts from getting in.

Hard Hat Liners

Hard hat liners are nothing new, but they have become more innovative. If the job you have necessitates the use of a hard hat, try to keep your head warm in the winter with a protective hard hat liner during the winter. Hi vis hard hat liners come in all sorts of types and styles, and feature loops that are designed for the head strap on hard hats. They provide extra protection while making sure that your hard hat is securely fastened on your head.

Aviator Hats

Hi visibility aviator hats come in a variety of designs but typically have the same focus — to keep your head and ears warm during the winter. They’re lined with warm, insulating materials and have large flaps on both sides that tie underneath the chin.

Check out the complete selection of hi visibility headwear, as well as all of our other safety apparel at!

Choosing the Right Winter Safety Coat for Outdoor Work

December 16th, 2016

Knowing how to do your job properly isn’t the only thing you need to think about when you’re on the job site. You also need to ensure that you’re kept safe and comfortable, no matter what industry you hail from. But working around motorists poses an added level of danger compared to many other types of jobs. After all, you need to make sure that you are clearly visible to passing motorists in order to avoid being struck and suffering serious injuries, or worse.

To add another dimension to the safety and comfort level while on the job, the winter weather poses another challenge. Not only do you need to make sure that you are clearly seen thanks to hi vis workwear, you also need to make sure that you are warm enough. Not being dressed in proper attire when working in frigid temperatures can put you at risk for hypothermia and other health issues.

However, the comfort and warmth level are not the only factors to consider when it comes to winter work attire. You also need to ensure that whatever apparel you are wearing does not make your job difficult or interfere with your tasks. This is especially true for jobs that involve intricate tasks that require complete freedom of movement and motion.

You will also want to make sure that the gear you wear is not just warm, but waterproof as well. Snow can quickly melt and seep through fabrics that are not specifically designed to keep moisture and water out

Other factors to consider can include things such as whether or not removable hoods, multiple pockets, elasticized waistlines, and other details are necessary. At the end of the day, the type of safety apparel you choose should be done with careful consideration of all factors involved, including your particular tasks on the job, the surrounding temperature, and your specific needs and comfort level.

Consider what will work best for you when it comes to safety, performance and comfort prior to making your decision. Stay safe this winter, and stay warm!

The Ultimate in Comfort and Visibility With Hi Vis Clothing

December 9th, 2016

2When it’s frigidly freezing outdoors and your job takes place outside, having hi vis clothing on is the only way to go when it comes to ensuring the ultimate in safety and comfort while on the job.

No matter what season it happens to be, it’s critical to ensure maximum visibility. But in the winter, additional layers of clothing are necessary to ensure your body temperature is properly regulated throughout the season. Unfortunately, sometimes these extra layers can get in the way of your job or even weigh you down.

For maximum comfort, ANSI compliant safety clothing without the need for multiple layers can give you the optimal amount of comfort while keeping you warm on the job.

Hi vis clothing is available in a number of different styles, such as t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, buttoned short and long sleeve shirts, coats, jackets, vests, and more. From the fluorescent-colored visibility designed clothing to ANSI Class 2 and 3 compliant apparel, there is gear for just about every application.

Some the features that are available include microfiber fabrics for the ultimate in breathability and FR-Rated tops for scenarios that call for FR protection. They also come equipped with the same reflective materials that are used on safety vests so that you are not compromising safety in the name of comfort.

In addition to comfort ANSI compliant protection, another big advantage of hi visibility safety clothing is that even short sleeved shirts have more fabric compared to a sleeveless vest, so you are essentially getting more high visibility fabric on your body, which is a huge bonus in terms of safety.

If you are looking to simplify yet maximize your safety this winter season while boosting your comfort level on the job, make sure you check out our line of hi visibility apparel today.

Stay Safe on the Job: Working in Heavy Traffic

December 2nd, 2016

Everyone seems to be in a rush these days, which we can clearly see on the roads around us. Heavy 1traffic poses plenty of risks, especially to people who work on roadsides. Keeping job sites free and clear of motorized traffic is not always possible, which can pose a real threat to those working on repairing roads, sewer lines, bridges, power lines, and many others where the job at hand is being done in the vicinity of heavy and potentially hazardous traffic. The dangers of these types of jobs are much more dangerous when it involves working near moving vehicles.

Responsible companies should offer safety training to all of their employees who work in potentially dangerous situations like these so they know what to do and what to wear in order to keep themselves and their co-workers safe while on the job. In order to significantly lower the odds of injury or death while working near traffic, the following pointers should be practiced.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

It’s critical to always know what is around you at all times. Be aware of which direction traffic is flowing in, and how much space you have between yourself and the road. Keep in mind that larger vehicles require more space compared to smaller vehicles, and make sure the right barriers are being used.

Be Prepared

Always make sure that you are wearing the appropriate ANSI compliant hi visibility clothing, such as an ANSI safety vest or T-shirt. Breakaway safety vests are particularly useful in that they use Velcro-style breakaway points that will rip apart with enough force very easily. If the breakaway vest is caught on a passing car, the apparel will separate rather than drag you along with the vehicle. Wearing as many reflective garments as possible is critical to making sure all passing motorists can clearly see you.

Expect the Unexpected

Many times you will only have so much control over your safety. There’s only so much you can do. A lot of your safety relies on the passing motorists which is why work zones have reduced speed limits in order to lower the chances of accidents. Drivers who might not be paying attention could head in your direction without realizing it, or may not be able to see you clearly because of low visibility caused by night time conditions or bad weather.

Do whatever is in your power to stay safe on the job, and never forget to wear your reflective safe apparel.




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