A Beginners Guide to the Safety Vest

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a light weight garment that can actually help save your life and protect your overall safety? Well, the good news is that there is. A safety vest is an extremely useful and potentially life-saving garment that is affordable, light weight, comfortable, and able to be used in a variety of situations. If you’re working any type of job with any chance of an accident ever happening, one of the most important articles of clothing you should be utilizing is the safety vest. The purpose of safety vests is to allow the wearer to be seen and to alert all that a person is present, especially in a low visibility situation.


A safety vest is constructed out of reflective material and typically come in a slew of bright colors. Worn most commonly by road flaggers, construction crews and emergency personnel, the function of safety vests is to help alert people that another human is present in their field of vision. A safety vest can and should be worn in day time or night time situations, and is a necessary safety tool for many different industries and purposes. A safety vest can be designed from many different types of material, and are most commonly PolyCotton or Polyester.


A construction safety vest plays an extremely important role in keeping workers safe, by promoting visibility. Another function of safety vests is to keep those working in high traffic areas seen by drivers. Not only is a safety vest an important article of work wear, but can effectively be used for bicyclists and runners who are running in poor visibility situations, such as night time runs or rides. It’s extremely important to be seen in low visibility situations, especially if inhabiting roadways or sidewalks that are high traffic areas.


A safety vest is a known way to prevent traffic fatalities, especially in construction zones. Broken into three different classes, safety vests are created for a variety of different purposes and suited for a plethora of visibility situations. A class 1 safety vest provides very little bright or reflective material, and is better suited for bright day time settings. A Class 2 or ANSI Class 3 safety vest provides high visibility and can be used in any poor visibility setting. It’s a federal law for construction workers who are working on a federal roadway to wear a class 2 or 3 safety vest for safety.


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