Back to School: Traffic Safety Vests, Hand Signs & More

Back to school safety is a top priority for many districts across the country. Ensuring that children walking to school, getting dropped off in the lot, or exiting the bus reach the building safely is simple, yet paramount. Those shouldered with the responsibility of making this process happen can turn to SafetyGear Online to get everything they need to help the carpool lines run more smoothly and get children to their studies safely.


Traffic Safety Vests on Patrol

The first thing to do is to create a safety patrol, which may be composed of school personnel, volunteer parents, fellow community members, older students, or a combination of all of these. High visibility safety vests should be made available for each safety patrol member. The options in ANSI Class 3 safety vests are pretty diverse, but you should look at ones that can be worn over clothes in all seasons, vests that are fluorescent so as to be seen in all types of weather and times of day, and those with some reflective striping for additional visibility to oncoming traffic. In addition to a stock of traffic safety vests, you may also want to have some reflective rain gear for those that may be working in bad weather.


This patrol should have some training in the proper entrance and exit procedures in order the best facilitate safe transitions. Not only will the wearing of traffic safety vests help ensure safety, it will also identify patrol members as having some measure of knowledge and authority on the procedures to help promote cooperation during a busy time.


Other Safety Patrol Gear

You’ll also want to have a few other items on hand, such as a handheld stop sign and perhaps some flashlights to make the directions commanded by the patrol as clear as possible. A small, basic first aid kit and possible some flares in the event of an incident. While having a band-aid ready for a skinned nice is a nice gesture of kindness for the students, having road flares and other medical items ready in the event of an accident can be a life saver.


You can count on SafetyGear Online for reasonably priced, high quality traffic safety vests and other items you need for safety patrol crews.