A Safety Vest for Any Occasion

Whether you're hunting or pruning shrubs near the road, safety apparel can save your life. One piece of gear everyone should keep on hand when working or playing around cars, large machinery, flame, or guns is the safety vest. There are many options to choose from, and the same vest from different manufacturers may vary considerably in comfort. Since a flame retardant vest is worth nothing if not worn consistently, it is worthwhile to invest in the most comfortable vest for the occasion. Take a look at the features for different types of vests from SafetyGearOnline.com.

Designed for Comfort and Protection

Specific situations call for differing levels of protection, which is why there are so many types of safety vest on the market. Welders and others working around flammable materials will benefit from Class II flame retardant vests. This option is certified by ANSI for operators of ARC welding machines, concrete saws, sharpeners, grinders, and those working nearby.


The most familiar type of safety vest would have to be those worn by road crews and others who work along roadsides. Public safety vests come pre-printed for fire, police, sheriff, and other public officials. The Velcro adjustments make this garment appropriate for any size, and the shoulders have microphone tab holders for easier communication between teams.


Class III vests increase visibility for workers who spend a majority of their time along roadways. These sleeved vests maximize the visibility of the wearer. A lighter or denser mesh style is available depending on the weather conditions.

Other types of safety vest include incident command vests and the non-rated variety, which is less expensive. Non-rated vests are most appropriate for residential use. Incident command vests are reserved for rapid identification of team members, and they come in 15 different colors for large or small response teams.



All the vests in this category carry the option for personalization. Your corporate logo or title is printed on a laminated insert and directly affixed to the vest. Safety is important at play and at work. Make yourself visible with the appropriate choice of safety vest for the activity.