Using an ANSI Safety Vest for Roadside Protection

Roadwork can be extremely hazardous, making it one of the most important places to pay attention to the type of road work safety equipment used. Motorists can be unpredictable.  Even with clear signs and paths, a motorist can unexpectedly travel in the wrong direction on a busy road that is bordered by active workers and equipment.  While nobody desires to be the cause of an accident, visibility is essential in protecting roadside workers from danger.  ANSI Safety Vest choices are among the most highly regarded for use on such projects.


The American National Standards Institute develops standards for all sorts of products and issues.  Among those areas addressed, construction safety products are measured and monitored.  The standard for high-visibility safety apparel and headwear, ANSI/ISEA 107-2010, applies to apparel used to improve the visibility of workers in a variety of conditions.  An ANSI Safety Vest complies with this standard, meaning that it has been tested for suitability in such conditions.  When it comes to your safety as a worker, you definitely want to be sure that you are wearing the best gear for the job.  An ANSI safety vest provides that assurance.


There are many choices in ANSI safety vest designs, making it possible to find the style that is best suited to your work on roadside projects and best suited to the climate and season.  Lightweight choices are comfortable for those working on paving projects in the middle of a hot summer.  Breathable materials keep the vests from making you sweaty and uncomfortable while making it possible for motorists to easily see you as they near your position on the project.  Sleeved choices are better for cooler conditions, allowing you to take advantage of materials in order to stay warmer.  ANSI reflective jackets are also created for those working on road construction and repair projects, excellent for mid-winter repairs in the middle of ice, snow, or winds.


Your choices of ANSI Safety Vest colors include orange or yellow.  In most cases, there are additional stripes in contrasting colors to create even greater visibility.  It’s important to use your high-visibility wear to stay safe on your roadside job and we have what you need at