ANSI-Rated EMS Vest Features & Functions for Volunteers

Becoming a volunteer firefighter is a huge contribution to your community and many townships rely on this type of civic duty from the people. In times of crisis, able-bodied people in a community may be called upon to assist first responders with aiding the wounded or clearing scenes. In any case, the role of an ANSI-rated EMS vest cannot be understated.


Safety & Recognition

Depending on the location and type of situation, it is important that emergency personnel be visible and easily identifiable. An EMS vest is typically brightly colored with reflective strips to be highly noticeable regardless of weather or time of day. These vests can also be seen amidst smoke or falling debris. Additionally, writing on the EMS vest may indicate the role of the person, such as fire safety or police.


This is important because those in trouble will need to quickly ascertain that help is coming. Conversely, by wearing a highly-visible vest, workers are less likely to be hit by vehicles while attending to situations on the road or easements.


Other Helpful Features

The reflective EMS vest options you’ll find at SafetyGear Online have additional features that are recommended and appreciated. The Velcro enclosures allow for easy-on and easy-off when time is of the essence and the mesh polyester materials used are designed for greater breathability and range of motion. The fit is adjustable for maximum comfort and a variety of weather conditions.


Another great feature of the EMS vest is the 5-Point Breakaway system that minimizes the possibility of entanglement and allows the wearer to easily detach from the vest in this event.  You can choose the number of pockets and most vests are made to accommodate ear buds or headphones that may be essential for communication during the event.


If you’re a civic-minded individual that has chosen to volunteer on a regular basis—thank you! If you’re just the type of person who is ready to lend a hand anytime your community needs it, we thank you as well. Shop with us for the best in EMS vest options to help you stay safe and keep others safe during a crisis.