A Hard Hat Liner will Keep your Head Warm Without Compromising Safety

For construction workers and tradesmen the winter months can often mean working long hours on job sites that may be outdoors. It can also mean working in buildings that are still without heat, electricity, or windows. Working in these environments is physically demanding due to the cold weather. It can also be dangerous due to shortened daylight hours and potentially icy conditions. SafetyGear Online recommends wearing a warm hard hat liner when working in these wintery construction conditions.


You should never compromise work safety protocols for personal comfort. While it is very important to keep warm on the job, there are many options available that can provide warmth while meeting safety codes. A hard hat liner is just one example of an inexpensive solution that can offer warmth and comfort while keeping you safe and ensuring that proper safety protocols are being followed.


There are a variety of different hard hat liners available depending on the climate and an individual’s personal material preference. Whether you work in a windy environment that requires total protection, or you are in a cooler environment that may only necessitate a lighter hard hat liner, SafetyGear Online has a liner that will work for your individual needs.


We offer knitted full face tube liners that cover your neck, face, and brim of your hardhat. This style of liner is ideal for the classic cap hard hat or a full brim model. We also offer convertible liners with detachable collars that allow you to choose between protecting your full neck and shoulders or just your head. The materials used to construct hard hat lines also varies, from knitted polyester to fleece, to cotton twill with faux Shearling lining.


No matter what style of hard hat liner you choose, you can be confident it will fit snugly into your hard hat and provide you with added warmth, without compromising the safety of your hard hat. They are the perfect complement to insulated work gloves for winter construction. If you have any questions about our liners, please contact our friendly staff today. SafetyGear Online will be glad to help you find the best hard hat liner for your winter needs.