A Complete Workplace First Aid Kit on the Job Site

A Complete Workplace First Aid Kit on the Job Site

Everyone who works in construction or with a road crew should have a workplace first aid kit readily available. But what good is a workplace first aid kit if it is not properly equipped? Whether you’re packing a kit for your entire crew or just for yourself, there are some common items you’ll want to include, as well as other things you may not expect.


Start with the Kit

There are a number of options readily available when you need a workplace first aid kit, and each are filled with the basic essentials. This is a good start, but probably not the end of the story. The standard workplace first aid kit will cover scrapes, some bites, minor cuts, and possibly headache and nausea remedies.

Your standard workplace first aid kit, those made for smaller work crews, will include absorbent compresses, adhesive bandages, ammonia inhalants, antiseptic, cold packs, gauze and tape, gauze pads, sterile gloves, scissors, and perhaps a splinter remover. A workplace first aid kit designed for a larger business with more people will include more of the same, with the addition of bandages in a wide range of sizes, burn cream, eye care aids, and OTC medications that people may need throughout the day.


First Aid on the Go

When you have the smaller workplace first aid kit for your personal vehicle or a smaller kit for a 10-man crew, there are some items you’ll want to add to what is typically included, such as QuickClot to care for larger wounds prior to seeking medical attention, water, extra gauze pads, and clean Ziploc baggies. Sounds strange? Not really, when you think about it. Most construction guys can handle an abrasion or cut with a paper towel and duct tape if need be; however, a larger slice from the tile cutter or a deep wound from a power tool may need some immediate care that warrants more than a band-aid. The baggies are in the event that a finger gets clipped or a tooth is lost—you’ll want to keep the part sterile and ready in case it can be reattached.


Accidents Happen

Never overlook the necessity of the workplace first aid kit. No matter how careful you are or how rigidly you adhere to all the set protocols, accidents can and do happen when you least expect it. In fact, that is why they are called accidents.


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